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The Blue | Plan For A Painless Move-In

Nobody likes moving, let's be honest! To help ensure your seamless move in to The Blue, we've made a list of easy tips to make your move in process as smooth as can be.


First Month's Rent


Remember that at move in you will be required to submit your first month's rent payment. This can be done using a certified check or a money order! Unfortunately, we do not accept cash.

Certificate of Insurance

If you're not using our renter's insurance, make sure your have your proof of coverage with you at move in!

Pack an Essentials Box

Pack this box with everything you need to get you through your first 24 hours in your new home. This includes clothes, toiletries, snacks, sheets for the bed, shower curtain, and the coffee maker, so you can take your time unpacking the rest.



The less you have, the fewer boxes you need to move. Now is the time to sell, or just get rid of anything you don't need. Keep in mind that if you donate, you can use the receipt to claim a tax deduction.

Label Your Boxes 

Use color-coded stickers to label each box according to room, so you know exactly where they all belong or use label tape to clearly state what goes where in your new home!